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Open Source App Builder

Why create something new when you can create an existing open source solution and use it for building your own app development purposes? This is the point when you would start looking into the app builders.

The application core should be error free and it should be seamlessly integrated with corporate workflow and third-party services.

Why you should choose Pocketfied to make your open source app

Mobile development and Android development is both hard and expensive. You can use a low code platform or even no code platform to create an open source app. Using a SaaS, like Pocketfied, will cover stages including planning out, development, debug, and maintenance.

Build Apps Up To 10x Faster

Use our SaaS that’ll work like a team of full stack developers, but ten times faster and without any bugs.

Standardize Templates & Styles

Some open source app builders provide you with the wide variety of customization options. Pocketfied offers you another approach: leave UI and publish as is, it’s the best layout possible for your online store.

100% Cloud-Based WYSIWYG

See exactly what you prototype and design. Don’t mess around with CSS, bootstrap and other components and forget about skimming through open source libraries’ code.

Instant Realtime Preview

The development process gets as easy as it can be with the instant preview feature. Check out how your application works in Firebase on your Android device. No need to reload every time you make a change.

How to create an open source app with Pocketfied?

Creating an open source app is easy with Pocketfied. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Create Shopify store

Simply create a Shopify account, and launch a new online store.

2. Get Pocketfied

Download Pocketfied in the Shopify app store.

3. Name it

Name your application and add description.

4. Adjust

Choose the right color scheme to your liking.

5. Submit

Tell us that you want to submit your app and we’ll contact mobile application stores.

Why Build Your App With An App Builder vs. Developing Your App From Scratch?

Developing from scratch is hard and it’s not necessary for most cases. Developing upon someone’s other work is much simpler, but still even if you use all the free and open source components, the hosting won’t be free and you’ll end up paying more.

Don’t worry about the infrastructure

Cloud based systems will take care of your open source app. Try Pocketfied, it has all infrastructure covered.

Rapid time to market

Figuring out open source options takes time and here’s a shortcut: use Pocketfied to minimize time to market down to one day.

Unbeatable speed and quality

Mobile apps created with Pocketfied work on the native platform’s code and use their librarie. Therefore, they will work as quickly as possible and be able to work offline as well.

What Is An Open Source App Builder?

Open source is a software whose source code is publicly available. It’s not controlled by a particular company or a group of developers. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have an owner and you’re free to use it for any projects and embed as parts into your redistributable software.

The main benefit and flexibility of open source is that you can contribute and modify code, fork and build your own version of this tool based on its code.

What is the difference between no code and low code?

App builder is a specific type of software that helps people who don’t know how to code (or don’t have time to do so) create their own apps. It’s also called a codeless approach or no code development. While with a low code solution you need to have a minimum knowledge of how to code in the programming language used in this open source app, no code solution gets rid of coding at all.

What is a Drag and Drop Mobile App Maker?

There are a few ways to build your mobile store app using various open-source tools, libraries, and frameworks. Some tools offer you drag and drop app creation capabilities. It lets you design your app’s user interface from blocks, buttons and forms without even HTML and JavaScript coding.

Is an open source app builder for you?

Anyone can build an app with an open source app builder. No programming skills and manipulations with some sort of SDK and API are needed. If you want to build your app quickly and deploy it to the App Store and Google Play in two days, it would mean that an open source app builder, like Pocketfied, is definitely for you.

Open Source Android App Builder

An open source Android app builder will convert an app for you. However, It’s not free to submit to the Google Play maker, but the pricing is very reasonable.

Open Source iOS App Builder

An open source app builder for iOS will convert the app that you created using an easy-to-use constructor to the Swift language. Submitting an iOS app on your own is $99 minimum, which is the yearly Apple Developer’s Membership price. There are better alternatives, like Pocketfied, that’ll submit an app for the App Store, for even less price than this!

What are the different types of apps?

There are several categories of mobile apps. Let’s review the most popular ones.

Native apps

Apps that are created with native technology. Swift and Objective C for iOS, Java and Kotlin for Android respectively. It uses hardware acceleration and platform-specific libraries like Metal on Apple.

Hybrid Apps

Usually, you need to develop multiple app versions so they are cross platform compatible. A hybrid app is a universal app that works in multiple environments using a single codebase and a minimum code to support in future. Technologies like JS, HTML, React Native and others are often used to create Hybrid solutions.

Web Apps

The web-based apps can be accessed from any web browser and behave like apps. You don’t need to submit this app to the store and sometimes this type of aps are more likely to be used because people don’t want to clutter their smartphones with multiple apps for every product and service they use. These apps are created in CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. These apps can even send a push notification. Also, this app category is sometimes called PWA (Progressive Web App).


It’s a development technique where you use open source tools to build your app. It also can be open source but it’s up to your liking. You can contribute to the existing open source apps, create forks and change their functionality according to your needs, improve their features, etc.

You can use an app builder or if you know how to code start coding yourself and make your code publicly available. For example, you can use GitHub or any other git on the web.

Full stack web developers as well as any other developers hate repeated actions. They prefer to use certain development software. It may be publicly available and well-documented tools, SDK and API. However, you can use an app builder and create your app without all that.

If it’s a “hello world!” app, it will take a few minutes to code, but aim for nothing short of excellence, right? Developing an open source app with a backend that solves some task may take for an experienced developer a couple of months. Most developers contribute to the open source community after hours, therefore it’s longer than usual.

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