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Do you want to transform your Shopify store into a beautiful mobile app?

Pocketfied lets you power up your business with native iOS and Android apps that require no code and can be ready in just a few hours. Your customers will love added features like Apple Pay support while you will just need to relax and watch your sales grow.

Pocketfied is not a standard app builder. We have created a solution that fully satisfies both Apple’s and Google’s guidelines, we create your app quickly with a flawless design.

Why Your Shopify
needs the Pocketfied?

We create your stores’ mobile app in just 1 day
Affordable pricing starting at just $99/monthly.
We offer full integration with Shopify’s online store.
We handle AppStore and Google Play registration and launching.
Increase your sales through a new revenue source.

Features of
Pocketfied App Builder

Pocketfied builder is a lightweight Shopify add-in that analyzes your store and automatically exports the entire inventory into a branded mobile app for Android and iOS devices. With our app creator, you can make your clients happy by taking their interaction with your business to a new level.

Lightning-fast development

Lightning-fast development

With our app builder, your own mobile app will be ready for testing in less than 3 hours. Rapid approval from Apple App Store and Google Play means your customers can download your app in just 1 days.

Auto-Synced with Shopify

With Pocketfied you don’t have to worry about updating your inventory. Your mobile app is synced to your Shopify and will update your inventory automatically when a change happens.

Auto-Synced with Shopify

Secure & Reliable

Secure & Reliable

The app interacts with Shopify over a secure API with SSL/TLS support. Pocketfied do not collect any data from your Shopify store. You are in control of your clients personal data and payment methods, we do not store any information in the application.

Works Even When Offline

No data? No problem, your customer can view a limited
version offline.

Works Even When Offline

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Your application will be written on Swift and Kotlin programming languages which are native program languages for iOS and Android. It results in fast loading times, more smooth interaction with the app, more stable work of the app, and more stylish interface which attracts more customers and capture more sales.

Advantages of Pocketfied App Builder

You don’t need to hire a dev team to build a beautiful app for your Shopify store. Our engineers created a quick and easy process that will bring your app to life in a breeze. Here are some of the advantages of our technology:

Advanced Technology

Our result-oriented app builder is based on Swift and Kotlin, two modern-day standards in mobile app development. Fast loading times and a stylish interface will attract more customers and capture more sales.

No-code application development

You won’ need to learn how to code or hire an expensive mobile development team to create your own Shopify store app with our app maker. Cross-platform app builder at your fingertips, without coding, including only the features you want.

Easy Publishing

We will take care of publishing your app to AppStore and Google Play as quickly as possible. You won’t need to go through the registration process or wait weeks for each platform’s approval.

Instant Real-Time Preview

See the design of your app at any stage during deployment with the integrated preview feature. 100% predictable results right off the bat.

How to build a store
app with Pocketfied?


How does it work?

•‎ Pocketfied is written in Swift/Kotlin, which guarantees compatibility and stability

•‎ The app works offline without reference to the site, which reduces the download time for the end-user

‎ Interaction with the online store over a secure RestApi protocol with SSL/TLS support

•‎ The app automatically updates product information and adds new products when they are posted on the site

•‎ All orders made through the app you see as standard orders in your Shopify console – that is, work as usual

‎ Users’ personal data is not stored in the app

‎ Automatic update

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Why Build Your App With Pocketfied vs.
Developing Your App From Scratch?

Faster time to market

With Pocketfied, a mobile app version of your store will be ready to test in just 3 hours. We will use a faster process to get it published on App Store and Google Play so that your customers can start using it in a matter of few days.

We run the infrastructure

You won’t need to manually sync between your store and the app or worry about security. We will take care of all these things for a fixed annual fee.

Way cheaper than hiring a dev team

Having your app built by an outsourced software development company is a lengthy process. From discussing the project to finally seeing its first functional release, few months can pass easily. Not to mention the costs of hiring such a team that can reach 10s of thousands of dollars.

Mobile app development for your business goals


Pocketfied app builder can be a great fit for a range of business goals. From extending your market presence to finding a new way of interacting with existing clients, we got you covered.

Online stores

Offer your customers a simple mobile app that is even faster than the browser experience. No matter how long your inventory is, all new listings will automatically be loaded to the app.


You’ve set up a Shopify store for your client but are unsure how to upsell? A well-designed mobile shopping experience will be a perfect addition to the web store. You can get it white-labeled too.


We provide a reseller program for specialists who have a customer base with a need for a Shopify app builder – get rewarded for recommending our product to your clients.


We don’t charge anything for development, instead, it’s a running monthly cost to support your app and have it working flawlessly.

Check out this awesome video on how outsourced app development can deplete your budget:


A working version of the app is ready in 3 hours from the moment you run Pocketfied on Shopify

We have a simplified process for those who want their app published on App Store and Google Play. This allows you to save considerable amounts of time compared to the usual app publishing process. Get in touch with us for more details

You are free to test Pocketfied with no charge, just install it to your Shopify and see your online store transformed into a beautiful mobile app without any fees applied.

Add your website URL and we will check compatibility with Pocketfied in 1 click


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