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App Development Services

There are a few paths and lots of challenges when you decide to develop your online store app. The most common scenario is looking for mobile app development services. Another two common options are to find a permanent remote team that is qualified for this development type or to hire your own team that’ll create and maintain an app for you from scratch.
Needless to say, all these options are quite expensive but they might have certain pros for your specific project. Let’s find out if app development services are what you should be looking forward to. Also, there are some app builders that might help you kickstart.

Why Publish Your Online Store App With Pocketfied vs. Developing It From Scratch?

If you proceed with the app development services help, you’ll iterate through the discussion, research, design, development, testing, publishing, and maintenance stages. There’s a shortcut for this multistep process. You can use Pocketfied SaaS to momentarily deploy your app based on a Shopify store and get it published within one business day.

Standardized Design

We take the Apple approach and know what design works well through research, trial and error. Therefore, we don’t include customization options and fancy block design builders into our solution.

Delivery Speed

Pocketfied features an unmatchable speed to build your app and deliver it to mobile app stores. It helps you roll out your solution as soon as possible. The app building is done fully automatically.

App Testing

You’ll skip both the Backend and frontend development stages with Pocketfied. Therefore, there’s no need to test your app and do further preparations before submitting it to the App Store and Google Play.

App Publishing

To publish an app on your own, you need to have developers’ accounts that cost at least $124 to cover Apple and Google app stores. What’s more, you and your team need to be familiar with the publishing process because it may delay the app submission.


Not only can you get a fully working app in hours rather than weeks, but also you can do it with a fraction of a budget, or even for free with Pocketfied. Save budget on marketing and brand development rather than investing into app development services.

Native standalone apps

As a result, you’ll get a native app for both stores. Your AppStore store app is created with Swift, using Apple components and your Google Play store app will use their native language, Kotlin, and libraries respectively.

Comparison Chart

All in all, it’s up to you to decide if you should use custom app development services or take advantage of a ready-to-use solution like Pocketfied.
Here is a simplified takeaway from this article in the form of the handy table.

Pocketfied App Development Services
Development speed 2 hours From 4 weeks to 1 year
Pricing Free From $5000 USD
Design stage No Required
Testing stage No Required
Publishing Same day May take up to week and longer
Flexible customization No Yes
Shop platform Shopify Any platform or your own

As you can see, Pocketified won’t let you break your online store app experience with unnecessary customization, odd layouts and blocks placement. At the same time, it’ll use the color scheme of your original store and its logo.

How Pocketfied works

Custom mobile app development has never been easier. With Pocketfied, the full cycle of the app production is covered. In the output, you’ll get a next gen tool, ready to serve your business needs.
Pocketfied is not a traditional app builder where you would use blocks to build your app, so you don’t need to create a prototype, UI/UX design and layouts. We have done it for an online store app type in the most optimized and error-proof way. If you run multiple stores or go with a Pro plan, our solution will provide thorough analytics.

Types of Mobile App Development Services

If you don’t think that a Pocketfied is a viable option for your project, let’s see what type of app development will suit your specific case. Create HTML5 web pages and fully functional web apps with the best-in-class project management that covers the following areas.

iOS App Development

Swift is the native Apple’s programming language for iOS applications. Because native apps use Apple components and frameworks, such as Metal, they load fast, use hardware acceleration and they are more energy efficient than non-native apps.

Android App Development

Make your app run on a mobile device that runs Android with a team of Kotlin specialists. This is the default language for this platform. It’s interoperated with Java and works with its Class Library.

Cross-platform App Development

You can make a single cross channel solution that works with virtually any mobile technology. It can work on multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android with just one codebase.

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app is both a native app and a web application. In other words, they are web apps in a native platform’s shell, whether it’s Android or iOS. One code instance serves multiple mobile platforms and it’s easier to maintain. Technologies like React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and Angular.

Progressive Web App Development

PWA stands for Progressive Web Application. The PWA app functions through the web, and it’s built using common web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In other words, it’s not much different from a website and it’s an app at the same time.


Mobile app development services include research, planning, building layouts, design, writing the app’s code, integrating services and using frameworks, and much more.

With Pocketfied, your price to launch an app to the mobile app store may be as low as $100. Check out the plans we offer to pick up the plan that suits you.

A traditional approach is when you would hire your own team, an office, or work together remotely. Just to pay a salary to an app development team would cost from $300,000 to $1 million a year on average.

With Pocketfied fully automatic solutions, the app will emerge literally in just 24 hours. Semi-automatic services will take days and weeks and traditional development processes require a full team with the product launch up to one year.

There are a lot of solutions in the market right now for mobile app building. However, hiring a team is costly. It can take months to see the workable prototype and it’ll take more time to have it published. With Pockefied, we take care of everything end to end, and we guarantee that your app will be published within one business day if submitted in the morning, PDT.

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