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iPhone App Builder

App builder is an app or a service that helps you create the logic of the mobile app you have an idea for. You’ll easily create your app using complete templates and building blocks that might include input fields, conditions, and other tweakable parameters. The approach when you interact with the UI to create your app is also called no-code.

Sometimes, app builders let you add custom code to extend the functionality of its building blocks and it becomes a low-code solution. And when the task is certain and standardized, there are app builder services that literally just build your app based on some data without any settings. Let’s see what type of app builder you choose for your task.

Swift as a native iOS programming language for apps

Creating an app for iPhone from scratch requires using Swift or Objective C programming languages. An app is usually a multipart entity with frontend and backend. Although, in most cases these programming languages include both parts, client and server ones, sometimes it’s needed to use additional components residing on servers created with different technologies.

The frontend is what we carry on our phones, in other words the app you actually download, while the backend stores and syncs your data across multiple devices, and a database; and it also provides integration with third-party systems. All in all, building iPhone apps requires a professional iOS developer who knows all the ins and outs of iOS and Swift.

No-code Pocketfied approach .vs low-code

The app builder type you are going to choose depends on the task. For example, if you are going to develop an online store app, you can first create it on a Shopify platform and then use a no-code app building service called Pocketfied to have this app built for you and deployed to the AppStore.

Pocketfied a great iPhone app maker for startups, beginners, and any business area that needs to deliver solutions fast and on budget with a high ROI. This iOS app creator software is very reliable and it’ll help you create multiple iOS Apps without writing a  single line of code to get an MVP in days, not weeks.

On the other hand, with low code solutions there is a possibility of an error that will delay the production and may cause unexpected issues in the future when different modules interact with a piece of code.

Features of Pocketified

App development has never been easier. With Pocketified, app production needs are covered. As a result, you’ll get a next gen tool with great usability, ready to serve your specific task.

Get a working code Swiftly

Pocketified works for any business area and you don’t need to code. The universal approach helps you publish mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play out of your Shopify store. It takes care of  Frontend and Backend parts utilizing the Shopify SDK.

UX/UI that meets Apple standards

Apple is well-known thanks to its approach to user experience and design to provide seamless mobile experience on all their devices. All apps submitted with Pocketified will follow responsive design principles, have a clear user interface and UX.

No harmful customization

We did research that has proven the following. The more convenient the store app is, the more purchases it generates. With the Pocketfied solution, everything is automatic and there’s no way you can do something in a way that some people can’t get.

Online payments integrated

Pocketify includes a payment processing platform, so that your users can pay with credit cards. All purchases will be processed by the highly-secure Shopify SDK from within your app, so there’s no chance of payment losses.

Advantages of Pocketified

Pocketified mobile application development services offer a cross platform solution that not only works on iOS, but on Android as well. With a pay-as-you-go cloud based SaaS model, our solution is a perfect match for startups and b2c enterprises.

iOS App Development

Swift is the native Apple’s programming language and most apps nowadays are created with this language. With Pocketified, you can get applications for iPhone and iPad platforms without a dev team.

Works on Android as well

Make your app run on a mobile device that runs Android without a team packed for this specific purpose. Pocketified lets you do that and make one cross channel tool that works with virtually any mobile technology.

Easily Scalable solutions

When building an iOS app, you need to think out if it can be scalable or not. Pocketified has scalability turned on by default. Even with high-load systems, we never stop following GDPR and other business-critical data security points.

How to build an iOS app with Pocketified?

Building a native iOS app is dead simple with Pocketified. Just follow these steps to create your app in a few simple steps:

  1. Create a Shopify account and create a store
  2. Go to the Shopify app store and download Pocketified
  3. Give a name to your app
  4. Adjust features of your iOS app
  5. Submit your creation to the App Store

After that, wait for a couple of days until your Apple app appears in the store. It works both for iPhone and iPad.

iPhone app maker

A mobile app for your store will be automatically adapted to the smaller iPhone screen device and it’ll work with all the supported iPhone models and screen sizes. No specific adaptation needed to your app.

iPad app maker

iPad has a larger screen size than the Apple smartphone and a specific UX guide to adapt an app for a tablet size. Thanks to Pocketified, you don’t need to attune your app’s look to the bigger iPad screen specifically. Everything will be done on the fly once you click the button to create an app.

Industries we serve

We have gained expertise for years in eCommerce, digital marketing. Also, our solutions are used in healthcare, eLearning, and banking. Every project that we undertake follows certain business analysis procedures that help us progressively improve the workflow from one project to another.


Make items available to more people via the App Store.

Digital Marketing

Selling assets and other objects of intellectual properties over the Internet.


Sell courses online using an easy-to-use marketplace platform.


Yes, you can test out the creation of your app in a free version of the Pocketified within its trial period.

No, it’s not free, but it’s a reasonable fee. Submitting the app to the App Store with Pocketified price is twice as cheaper as if you were to get an Apple Developer Membership and try to submit it for yourself.

WIth Pocketfied, all apps are automatically converted to the iOS version using the native Swift programming language that makes apps use all the hardware graphical features which gives a performance boost.

From the ground up, of course, yes. Learning to code yourself will take at least two years before you can create a business-sensible app that does one simple task.

You can use a no-code mobile solution, (e.g., an app builder) but choose wisely. With Pocketified it’s as easy as pie. Just click the Create App button, and you’re ready to go.

In the previous years, it was Objective C and now the dominant programming language is Swift that comes with Apple’s XCode IDE.

Yes, you can. However, you need to purchase an Apple Developer’s Membership for one year before doing so. Also, apps are being rejected frequently because new developers don’t follow all the requirements, so it’ll take some time as well.

You can find prices for a couple of thousand of dollars for a simple, typical app with no support up to hundreds of thousands with a dedicated team and ongoing support. Check out the Pocketified prices and compare.

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