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Custom Mobile App Development

If your company is looking for custom mobile app development services, Pocketfied will help you deliver ios and android apps to your target audience. Create custom applications with help of our automated application development services.

Create an MVP, or pick up developers and designers for a custom project. This approach reduces the need of creating a detailed technical specification for your project. You can reduce the expensive application development time to zero. This approach works for startups the best and it’ll pull ROI.

What is Custom Mobile App Development?

Mobile software development is no easy task. In the traditional approach, you need to determine the project scope, think about the architecture, which may affect your service scalability in the future.

After that, you can start looking for a suitable dev team for this project. When the project is about to launch, it’s time to hire devops to deliver code on the platforms and maintain its stable work.

Advantages of Custom Application Development

You are the owner of your intellectual property, and can modify it in any way on the basic level.

Disadvantages of Custom Application Development

The main disadvantage is the price and it can be pivotal for most startups out there. Another concern is time. Custom development requires planning, management and time. It’ll require CRM

Things to Consider While Developing a Custom Mobile App

Any custom development would require you to choose a framework, for example, Django, which is a Python based web framework. It’s free and open-source but others might not be.

How to choose the technology for the application?

Sometimes, there’s no need to choose, you can have both. But always start with a simpler and less expensive solution. You can use a third party software solution to test out your idea and if it works well, hire a team and start crafting your own app.

Using App Builder vs. Developing Custom App From Scratch

All in all, custom prototyping and development from scratch is a very expensive and complicated workflow. You can pick up a pre-built product off the shelf that resolves your particular business task, even B2C.

It’s good to raise the question if you need to outsource the custom app development services at all. Probably, your mobile app can be created with the help of a well-thought-out tool like Pocketfied that can solve one of your particular tasks in no time.

The good practice for building apps is: one task, one app.

No complex infrastructure

When developing on your own, you have to maintain all parts of your mobile app, which always involves a server, repository, resources, database, and many more components. With Pocketfied, you shouldn’t worry about all that.

Save time and money resources

It’s always great to launch sooner and have money for marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, for many startups and running businesses, the budget is a finite quality and your investors won’t fund your company until you prove your business idea.

Leave your competition behind

Time to market is reduced to a minimum with app builder. While your competitors would dabble in hiring a team, you can jumpstart your mobile app business with a very minor time and money investment.

No need for a code review

Every improvement and a new feature that your potential team will develop would also require a time-consuming code review. Every little change drags developers from what they’re doing and can delay the release for hours and even a few days.

Features of Pocketfied

Custom mobile app development has never been easier. Pocketfied is a cloud platform or a SaaS that covers a full cycle of the development and creates your software in no time.

Get Production-Ready Code

Pocketfied produces a solid, reliable code for your app. In our approach, we use agile methodology and code generation becomes better and better. Cut development cost and get a qualitative codebase to submit to the stores.

No Way to ruin UI

Pocketfied doesn’t provide you with any customization tools. In this particular case, the limitation becomes the main power. We deliberately standardized the behavior of all components within the app so there’s no place for error.

Online payments integrated

A reliable and fail-proof system to process payments within your app. Use VISA, MasterCard, and other credit card types, or even a digital wallet.

Advantages of Pocketfied

There are many advantages to going with Pocketfied. Here are the most important ones.

Build Mobile Apps Up To 10x Faster

Not even ten times faster, but lightning-fast. With our solution, you can create an online mobile app store that will be a cross platform solution.

All analytics at your fingertips

Use important user analytics data to create a truly data driven solution. A dashboard in your Pocketfied account will show the critical data on how your product is performing and how users use it.

Instant Real-Time Preview

As you’re building your application, it instantly works. It’s a WYSIWYG mobile friendly experience for building a custom app.

Automatic tests for your app

One of the main benefits is that you get working software right away. All automatic tests for your code are performed on our back end.


How to build apps with Pocketfied?

Follow these simple steps to build your mobile app with Pocketfied:

1. Create a Shopify account and create a store.

It will be the base for your mobile application. Shopify doesn’t have a service to have your dedicated app in the AppStore and Google Play — we do it.

2. Download a Pocketfied tool in the Shopify app store.

The installation is easy and well-documented. It’ll take no longer than 5 minutes to do that.

3. Create your app’s name and customize its appearance.

It’s important to come up with a unique name for your application. The color scheme should be specific to your brand colors.

4. Submit app to the stores

After you’ve done designing your app, submit it to the mobile app stores with our help. Let us know and we’ll build an app and send it to Apple and Google.

5. Use and enjoy

That’s it! Now you can grant access to the items you sell online via the mobile app. Your customers will appreciate that you care about their experience, even offline.

How important is a mobile app to your business?

There are many channels for your business to appeal to your audience, sell goods and grow. One of the most popular channels is mobile platforms, specifically, Apple and Google.

Since 2019, more than a half of total Internet traffic will be consumed by users with a smartphone. In your specific market, this number might be much larger. Your solution should be mobile friendly.

It’s needless to say that you must work with this channel not to lose your market share.


Your app is automatically integrated with all that’s needed for it to function well.

Shopify API

Shopify offers an API and SDK that allow creating add-ons and tools that empower your stores and make them available via other channels. For example, create mobile app with Pocketify.

Item Database

All items that you added on your eCommerce Shopify platform will automatically appear in the app.

Payment API

Secure payments with a credit card, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and other methods.

IoT integrations

Full support for all mobile devices that may run apps from both of the world’s biggest app stores.

Major Mobile App Development Technologies


iOS/Android App Development

You can create a custom iOS app with simple builders that utilize the native Apple’s frameworks. iOS apps are created using Swift. Android apps use the Kotlin programming language that is based on Java.

Hybrid App Development

Usually, you would create two different apps for the web and for mobile app stores. A hybrid app is a universal app that works in both of these environments using a single source. Hybrid technologies are React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Angular, and others.

Cross-platform App Development

Android and iOS use different frameworks that are also different from the web. Every new project should start with building a solid application block architecture that can function in all of these environments.

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web Apps or PWA function through the web, and they’re built using common web technologies: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In addition to that, they may function as mobile apps.

Mobile app trends

Wallets and payments

Payment processing apps, crypto wallets and NFC-based apps. This type of application is used to address money-related tasks in a convenient manner. Eventually, it helps you personalize offers and increase sales.

Geo Tracking

Apps that use geographical data and your location help you don’t get lost in another city, find a quick way and find a place to stay for the night. The diversity of Geo Tracking apps is shocking and it’s a very prospective direction of the development.

Artificial Intelligence

AI serves a particular purpose to help you search, analyze or do a particular task. It’s heavily connected with machine learning algorithms. Neural engines and specific on-chip processing units make AI tasks feasible to run on mobile devices.

Internet of Things

“Send an email from my refrigerator” stopped being a joke and every device can monitor its parameters like temperature, for remote control and complex scenarios to improve the quality of everyday’s life.

Augmented Reality

Everybody has a mobile phone and there are many apps that offer AR experiences. From catching Pokemons to previewing how the furniture you’re about to buy will look in your interior.

Virtual Reality

The idea of virtual reality has been around for 30 years. However, only during the last decade, it made a few sensible steps in its popularisation with devices like Oculus Rift and others.


Apple Watch and numerous gadgets from other manufacturers have a foothold in today’s life. Apps for smartwatches elaborately use a tiny screen space and should be energy efficient.


All car interfaces went digital, which is specifically true for electric cars. Various systems like navigation, climate control, autopilot, and media playback in cars became important.

Smart TV

Some people don’t have computers at home and their only “computer” became a smart TV that can help you manage notes, watch lists, and many more. The apps for Apple TV and other smart TV devices are relevant and important.

Mobile Tech for Your Business

There are a number of industries where we excel at.

  • Online sales
  • Marketplaces
  • eLearning
  • Marketing
  • Insurance


It means a set of services (coding, design, etc.) and workflows that produce an app with your specific requirements.

The salary of a full stack developer alone is about $200,000 a year. Usually there’s a team of backend and frontend developers. It’s a very vague question because all apps are different. A typical app may cost as little as $10,000, not less. And there’s no upper limit.

You need to hire a development team and a manager who will lead this project’s implementation. Sign an NDA so your intellectual property stays intact. Usually, there are companies that offer development services specifically. Pocketfied is not one of them, however, feel free to ask our support desk and we’ll be happy to help you with friendly advice.

First, development is an iterative and complex process, so it usually takes for as long as the app or service exists. Depending on the complexity of your app’s idea, it usually takes from one or two months to develop an MVP.

If you have an idea that’s very specific and unique and its implementation can be a reliable income source, in this case a custom development is reasonable. This way, you can do whatever changes you want to do with your app.

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