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Pocketfied covers app development needs and it’ll make a business application for you with very little time investments. No coding knowledge and hiring a development team is required. Prices will surprise you as well and ROI will be overwhelming.

It’s an optimal solution for a startup. Don’t wait and get your multiplatform MVP as quick as in a couple of hours and stay on budget.

Why you should choose Pocketfied to make a business app

Business mobile app development for one particular task can be covered by services like Pocketfied that builds an online shop app based on your Shopify store that’s easy to set up. Let us show you how it will solve your business tasks and help you achieve the goals.

Pocketfied not only builds apps for Android, but for iOS as well. With a pay-as-you-go cloud based SaaS model, our solution is a perfect deal for startups and enterprises.

Build Apps Up To 10x Faster

Cover a full cycle of your development needs and reduce development time up to a few hours with our feature rich app builder.

100% Cloud-Based WYSIWYG

It makes life a whole lot easier when you see exactly what you design, while creating an app, not skimming through lines of code and properties.

Get production-ready code

How to get an app without writing code and without being a development company? Pocketfied is the answer. You’ll get a workable and fast loading mobile product.

Complete Iterative Design

Design customization section of the Pocketfied app builder is both elaborate and simple. All changes you make will be carried out to all the subsequent updates of your app.

Instant Real-Time Preview

Preview as you are creating your app. Test your app thoroughly by downloading an APK and running it on your Android device first.

How to create an app for your business with Pocketfied?

App development never gets easy, even for experienced business owners. However, Pocketfied SaaS helps you to streamline the multipart process and create an app quickly. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Create Shopify store

Start with creating a Shopify account, and you’ve started creating an app.

2. Get Pocketfied

Search for and download Pocketfied in the Shopify app store.

3. Name it

Write in the name of your application and its description.

4. Adjust

Attune the color scheme to your liking.

5. Submit

Tell us that you’re ready and we’ll submit your app to the mobile application market.

Why Build Your App With An App Builder vs. Developing Your App From Scratch?

App development services have much in store for those who’re audacious enough to undertake a difficult path of developing their own application. However, it’s not necessary in most projects we’ve dealt with. Let’s figure out pros and cons together.

Never worry about infrastructure

It may seem that mobile apps are simpler than some desktop applications. However, it requires a complex client-server architecture, microservices and an infrastructure to maintain.

Time to market win-win

Make an app with Pocketfied. Pay less and get a fully-working app with a simple workflow in our building software.

Unmatched quality and speed

Mobile apps created with Pocketfied are working on the native platform’s code, technology and libraries. Therefore, the app’s loading speed is unbeatable.

What businesses do we support?

Pocketfied solution is best-suited for creating mobile apps in the following business sectors.

Small and medium-sized businesses

It’s crucial to start quickly and grow fast. Otherwise, a new business might fail. We helped many smaller businesses not only survive, but thrive and prosper.


You can easily be a one man army without any dev team to support and pay for. Have a solution in your pocket with Pocketfied.


Even if a startup attracted investors, they might not like the idea of a long and complex way to build their solution manually and from scratch. With Pocketfied, you can show not only a prototype, but working mobile apps literally at the end of your pitch.


Enterprises frequently require a complex backend for their business processes and usually they use CRM. Enterprises often ask for custom development or they have an in-house departament for that.

Reasons Why You Should Use an App Builder for Your Business

Create your business and create apps to jumpstart it with the help of Pocketfied. It’s rapid, money-wise and reliable.

Connect with your customers

Chat with your customers in comments and get feedback and suggestions on improving your business. Send push notifications to your users to let them know about your deals.

Provide value

Provided the fact that your business already provides valuable items, a user friendly app will make it more efficient than any other channel.

Increase Brand Recognition

Having an app is an anchor point for social media marketing. Create posts and put links directly so people can download your app and read the description in the official stores.

Stand Out in Your Market

Build an app that will accompany your other offline activities and sell more than your competitors.

Improve Your Sales

Other than relying on a third-party reseller, it’s much better to lead your business on your own. This will be your fully-controlled sales channel with no fees and royalties while selling your goods.


With Pocketfied, you can create pretty much any eCommerce app you can think of. Powered by Shopify API, commonly used and a very reliable platform, create your item lists there and convert them to an app in no time without hiring Android app developers.

Pocketfied takes care of your end user’s data and follows GDPR as well as other data security standards.

What kind of apps can you build for your business?

There are as many apps as businesses, it can include a messenger app, chat app, process management app, microservices used across all of your solutions in your business, etc.

Easily Scalable apps

Application development platform offered by Pocketfied has a vital property and an excellent feature in it. Your app is automatically scaled with your business.

Cross-platform Apps

If you’re choosing an app builder, make sure it produces applications that are able to launch on multiple platforms. With Pocketfied you’ll have full coverage of Android and Apple platforms.

Progressive Web Apps

A PWA application works as a website and as an app. Technologies that are most commonly used for building this type of apps are: HTML, CSS, and JS.


Make items available to mobile-device users via Google Play and the App Store.

Digital Marketing

Sell intellectual property, marketing texts, and other media assets over the Internet.

How to publish your application online?

In order to make your app available to the wide mobile platform audience, you need to submit it to the biggest and the most popular mobile app stores: the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Also, keep in mind that you need to have a developer account in order to submit an app. Our developers make it easy for you to submit an app on your behalf using our trusted dev accounts with hundreds of successfully approved apps.


A business app solves your business task through a specific channel. App is short for application, and it usually means that it’s a mobile application.

You can learn how to code or find a developer who can make an app for you and have a share in your company. Also, you can use one of these app builders that feature a free trial.

It may be as little as $10,000 USD for a custom app for a small business, and there is no ceiling for how high the price can be. Check out some low code solutions, it may include an SDK so you can reduce the amount of new code you have to write.

Of course you can! Check out Pocketfied and get an app for yourself in a very short time. Some app builders have a steep learning curve. It’s not true for Pocketfied — it’s more like a single-button tool that converts your idea to a fully working app and submits it to the stores.

Enterprise might go for a custom app development team to fulfill their specific needs and ideas, but it’s a very expensive affair. Companies will own the

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