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Android App Development Services

Pocketfied will help you create Android apps with an intuitive yet powerful app builder. It’s a great solution for a startup that helps you with your audience reach campaigns. Pocketfied automatic builder helps you build MVP super-quickly, stay on budget and keep a high ROI.

Features of Pocketfied

Android mobile application development is fully covered by the features of Pocketfied. Let’s see how we can solve your mobile development tasks.

Get production-ready code

Pocketfied produces a reusable code. The unique workflow submits the source code to the Google Play platform automatically. At the outcome, you’ll get a workable and fast loading mobile product.

Instant Real-Time Preview

As you’re building your application, it instantly works. It’s a WYSIWYG mobile friendly experience for building your custom Android app.

Automatic tests for your app

One of the main benefits is that you get working software right away. All automatic tests for your code are performed on our end.

Advantages of Pocketfied

Pocketfied not only builds apps for Android, but for iOS as well. With a pay-as-you-go cloud based SaaS model, our solution is a perfect deal for startups and enterprises.

Build Apps Up To 10x Faster

Cover a full cycle of your development needs and reduce development time up to a few hours with our feature rich app builder.

Works on Apple’s iOS as well

Your app will run on mobile devices that run Apple iPhones and iPad without having a dedicated team that ports your Android app to the Apple platform. Pocketfied lets you simplify mobile app development from two teams to zero teams.

Instant Real-Time Preview

Preview as you are creating your app. Test your app in Firebase before submitting to Google Play.

How to build Android apps with Pocketfied?

Android app development is no easy task. Pocketfied is SaaS that helps you build up an agile process and preview the results of your edits in real time.

  1. Create a Shopify account and open a new store
  2. Download Pocketfied from the Shopify app store
  3. Give a name to your app
  4. Adjust appearance of your Android app
  5. Let us know and we’ll submit your app to the mobile application market

Usually, it takes one or two days till your app appears in the store. It’ll be submitted on the first try without the need of a complicated debug process and loading it on numerous Android tablets and smartphones.

Why Build Your App With An App Builder vs. Developing Your App From Scratch?

Android development services have much in store for those who’re audacious enough to undertake a difficult path of developing their own application. However, it’s not necessary in most projects we’ve dealt with. Let’s figure out pros and cons together.

App Builder for multiple Android devices

Adapting apps for various devices is hard. There are many types of Android devices with lots of parameters and screen sizes and it is time-consuming to make sure that your app functions on all of them as designed. Android application developers struggle to deliver apps for all of these devices and keep the experience the same. Check out the device types.


Android is the number one platform for smartphones around the world and applications can be downloaded from Google Play, Samsung Galaxy store and other marketplaces. Having mobile software running on Android that represents your business is essential.


Although iPads are the most known tablets, the market share among Android-running tablets around the world is quite small. There are about 70% Android tablets according to Tablets feature a desktop-like experience, but it’s great to have a dedicated tablet app in the Google Play store, adapted for.


Smart TV has a foothold in today’s life and cable TV is declining in popularity. It means that apps for Smart TV devices that run Android will be in high demand soon. You can use TV as a remote display and use apps on a bigger TV screen.


Samsung Watch and all other types of non-Apple watches run several versions of Android. Miniature applications tracking your workout cycles, health applications and just social networking are available on smart watches.


With Pocketfied, you can create pretty much any eCommerce app you can think of. Powered by Shopify API, commonly used and a very reliable platform, create your item lists there and convert them to an app in no time without hiring Android app developers.

Pocketfied takes care of your end user’s data and follows GDPR as well as other data security standards.

Why should you make an Android app for your business?

Easily Scalable solutions

Pocketfied takes care of backend and frontend parts of the application using the Shopify SDK. It means that you can scale your Shopify store and everything will be in sync with your Android app.

Cross-platform App Development

Cross platform applications work on multiple platforms. Pocketfied-produced apps work on both Android and Apple platforms which makes them universal.

Progressive Web App Development

A PWA application functions as a web application and as an app. It’s usually built with the following web technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, and others.

Industries we serve

We have much expertise in eCommerce, digital marketing, and eLearning. Before Pocketfied, our team used to offer android application development services so we know it inside out.


Make items available to mobile-device users via Google Play.

Digital Marketing

Sell intellectual properties, media assets and more over the Internet.


Distribute protected courses via the standard marketplace platform.

Release to Google Play

Our developers take care of releasing your app in a semi-automatic mode. Just let us know the name and description of your app that’ll represent your Shopify store and provide us with your app’s logo. We’ll submit it to you the next moment and wait for one or two days until it’s approved by Google QA.


It’s developing applications for hardware that runs an Android operating system. There are numerous versions of Android and numerous devices, such as smartphones, tablets, portable computers, TV, wearables and IoT appliances.

It can cost from $10,000 USD to hundreds and more. It all depends on your requirements but better find investors if you will undertake the custom development scenario.

The tech stack features Java, Kotiln, C++ and other languages and frameworks (e.g., Angular and Firebase). Unlike with Apple’s easy-to-learn modern Swift language Android apps are built on a time-proven Java for the most part.

We recommend that you use a no-code app building solution, but choose wisely. Fortunately, Pocketfied doesn’t have any learning curve, no complex interface and only options you need. Click the Create App button, and you’re ready to ship your product to users.

Android app development is based on languages are Java, Kotlin, C++, C# and lots of frameworks like Firebase. It’s much more diversified than with Apple where it’s either Swift or its legacy predecessor Objective C. Also, you’ll need to purchase a development kit for your language of choice to make the coding for your team easier.

Android application developers will charge you based on their skills, level, etc. A full-stack developer might want a salary from $100 to $200 USD a year.

For your own developed app, yes, definitely. However, you also need to meet all the guidelines and regulations to meet so your app can be approved. New app developers struggle approving their apps and it usually takes a few backs and forths to submit an app successfully. Each attempt will take about two business days.

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