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White Label App Builder

White Label App Builder

Adopt Pocketfied app builder to deliver custom-branded mobile apps to your clients in a matter of hours. Expand your business by helping your customers to level up their e-commerce capabilities – join our reseller program and experience the difference.

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How to start? Ready to Begin?

Getting started as a Pocketfied reseller is as easy as it gets. Let us know that you would like to participate and leave your contact information – we will get in touch with you in no time.

Step 1: Schedule a call

Shoot a line to let us know you would like to join our reseller program. We will reach out to book a meeting with the Pocketfied app builder.

Step 2: Test our product

Create a test app to get acquainted with Pocketfied and let us know what parts of the published app should be branded to fit your client’s needs.

Step 3: Kickstart your mobile sales

When you’re all set with Pocketfied, get in touch with your clients to begin building mobile apps for them.

Features of Pocketfied App Reseller Program

Our reseller program is a monthly reward that you will get for each referral that we fully onboard. Since Pocketfied is a no-code app building platform, we’re taking care of the infrastructure as well as releasing updates for the apps we build. Here are some of the unique features of Pocketfied that your clients will love:

Build Mobile Apps without coding

The Pocketfied platform already knows how to build a native iOS or Android app from scratch. There is no need to spend time learning project management or hire an outsourced development team – just upload your branding and get a fully functional application in a matter of hours.

Experience best-in-class support

Our technical support team will help your clients reach new business heights. Whatever the obstacles may be, we will always be in touch to help your account managers cater to the clients’ needs. We will provide personal training for your specialists so that you can answer any questions and keep your customers happy.

Push notifications

Lightspeed push notifications will help your clients to sell more products through our apps. All that with customized text to give their brand more personality – new clients will line up when they find out how good these apps are. Change later

Customizable UI

White-label the app with your client’s logo  and a color scheme that fits Modern UI design based on the latest trends in the mobile app industry will make sure that your clients always feel they’re on the cutting edge of technology! with the apps that you’re offering.

Admin Dashboard

Use Pocketfied’s comprehensive dashboard to manage all your clients’ apps from a single screen.

Training And Consulting

The Pocketfied support team will provide extensive training for your account managers so that they can channel the same level of knowledge and confidence to your clients. If any questions arise, we will be at a click of a button to help you close deals even with the pickiest customers.

Why Pocketfied’s App Reseller Program?

Today every business wants to have its own branded mobile app. So why not capitalize on this opportunity and expand your operations with Pocketfied’s app builder for resellers? Check out the reasons why you should consider us to be your mobile app builder :

•‎ Build mobile apps in a matter of hours to astound your clients

•‎ Customize apps to target more clients from different industries

•‎ Learn how to use Pocketfied with our training program specially designed for resellers

•‎ Offer unmatched swiftness and stability of published apps to earn a reputation that speaks for itself

•‎ Track your app sales in your admin app



Joining a reseller program with Pocketfied allows you to sell branded native mobile apps to your clients without the stress of development. Join the reseller program today, and let us handle the heavy lifting!

A white-label app is a mobile app branded for a particular client. Pocketfied app builder lets you create and publish mobile apps for iOS and Android with custom branding in hours, making it a terrific business opportunity for someone with a lot of connections in business.

It’s simple – send a message with a request to join the reseller program to [email protected]. We will get back to you with instructions on how to get started with the Pocketfied app builder and help you apply custom branding to the app.

Creating mobile apps with Pocketfied is free if you just want to test it out. If you need your app published and supported for an extended period of time, there’s a monthly maintenance fee – to learn more, check out our pricing page.


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