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No Code App Builder

No Code App Builder

With Pocketfied, you can quickly deploy an app based on your Shopify store in seconds. If you’re interested in selling goods or services online, Pocketfied and Shopify is the best solution Shopify to create and host your store, and Pocketfied to adapt your online store for mobile platforms and create an app that your customers can download from the AppStore and Google Play.

Most ecommerce startups can’t launch, because they face the odds of code development to create an app. Pocketfied is a code-free and result-oriented solution that lets you jump-start or boost your existing ecommerce business with no investments into research and development.

What is No-Code Development?

Every digital product requires a team of developers and lots of coding to build an app.With Pocketfied this isn’t the case. Now you can easily create your app on your own to test out your business idea by launching a fully-working MVP on your own in minutes, if not seconds.

A no-code solution lets you test your idea without spending all your budget on the first stage. If it works out well and your premises are correct, you can invest in a custom development later. This is a safe app development strategy and it works well.

Low Code

You can add custom code to your Shopify store to change its look and behavior. For example, you can add HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery code to adjust the store for your needs. The great news is that Pocketfied hooks up all activity on your Shopify account and uses a REST API to connect it with your automatically created mobile app.

No Code

Pocketfied is a no-code platform and it’s so simple to use that it doesn’t require you to enter a single line of code. Being a cross-platform solution, it creates stable and optimized apps for iOS and Android. Some common requirements like white labeling, chatbot, and analytics come as a set of features in one of the paid plans. Pocketfied adjusts the color scheme to your Shopify store, empowering anyone to have the best-looking shopping experience on a smartphone.

Features of Pocketfied No-Code App Builder

The main Pocketfied feature is no-code application development, and the pleasant bonus is simplicity, which includes the absence of menus, sliders, and buttons that can drag you from the final result and give unexpected results. Pocketfied is a one-magic-button approach that builds your app out of your Shopify account. It has all code and design optimization features pre-built and task automation to the entire development process.

Intuitive iOS & Android App Builder

In a traditional app or a website builder, you’ll use templates and blocks to create your unique page. Pocketfied automatic maker builds everything for you, no tweaks are needed! The main content source is your existing Shopify store. As a result, you’ll get a responsive app that runs on iOS and Android devices and follows adaptive design patterns. In other words, it’s a simplified application development platform that lets you take the development process out of the equation completely.

Fast Apps with Offline Capabilities

Shopify web stores require constant Internet connection while mobile apps can cache a few pages of items and work offline for some time. Your mobile application will exchange data later when the Wi-Fi or cellular data signal is established. One of the options is to drag and drop items to the shopping cart while offline. Go online and the cart will be updated on the Shopify backend so you can go ahead and pay for items. This particular feature helps you sell more, even when people lose the Internet for a minute.

Publishing to Google Play Store

If you go the traditional way, your custom online store app development may take months and months. When the development and testing are complete on your side, your developers need to submit an app to online stores. It takes a few days for stores to check your app before it goes public. With Pocketfied, all of this is on us. Your app is built without any errors and therefore stores are more likely to publish it sooner.

Advantages of Pocketfied No-Code App Builder

Online sales is a business that requires constant attention, such as adding more items, updating texts, labels, and item’s images. This is the heart of your online store along with the Shopify platform that glues everything together. However, an app is an essential sales channel for your webstore and it has to work fast and reliably. The time you save on programming, you can dedicate to adding more items, images and more catchy descriptions.

Easy to use

Easy to Use

Sometimes less publishing settings are more. In an ever-changing mobile device environment, it’s hard to adapt every screen and state of your app to all screens and platforms. Thanks to Pocketfied, everything is fully automatic! Your store is always responsive on any mobile device, which is the next level in user experience and user engagement.

Rapid Deployment

The usual development cycle for a standard online store app is about four months. Pocketfied does it in one hour if not sooner! The app’s deployment speed for your Shopify store has never been quicker. As you’re reading these words, Pocketfied can start deploying an app for you and it’ll appear in the stores the next day irrespective of the size and complexity of your Shopify store!



No App Maintenance

Online store apps that you build with Pocketfied don’t require maintenance and there’s no downtime. All changes that Shopify might add to their store builder platform will be included in Pocketfied as well. Your applications will get updates when needed in an automatic mode.

Fast and Native Apps

Search Siri and run an app on iPhone in two seconds. That’s one of the benefits of running a native app on a mobile device. User friendly interface is as important as the speed and Pocketfied builder covers this problem so your ecommerce apps will look as native as an alarm clock on the device.


AppStore Submission

If you have never submitted an app to the AppStore it can be challenging. Most probably, the QA team will ask you to make specific changes and submit them again. This all will delay your release date. Pocketfied development team submission is standardized, semi-automatic and it always works the first time.

Real-Time Updates

All new items you add to your Shopify account will immediately appear in your store’s app that has been created with Pocketfied. Also, we monitor any changes in ShopifyAPI, and our developers will automatically update all your apps at once when needed.


Safe and Secure

When it comes to selling goods online, a few security concerns arise such as customers’ personal data security and money transactions security. The Pocketfied platform withstood lots of load tests and hacker attack scenarios and proved to be reliable, and not having any backdoors that intruders might use to break into your online store through an app.

How to Create an App Without Coding?

Pocketfied lets you create cool, fast, and unique apps without any coding. This that you don’t have to hire and then fire developers for a project, where the first stages are very expensive and the result can be heartbreaking. From now on, anyone can build an online store with a universal app creator.

Pocketfied implements workflow automation to the design and development stages — no need to worry about that. Here are a few simple steps that will help a non technician to do a successful launch of a project:

•‎ Open Shopify app store.

•‎ Search for the Pocketfied application and install it.

•‎ Name your app and choose the color scheme for your online store.

•‎ Email us to discuss the release in the AppStore and Google Play.

•‎ Our development team will submit your app to the stores.

•‎ We recommend having us upload your app to TestFlight and or Firebase prior to publishing. Those platforms will allow you to preview to your app before launc

•‎ When the application is checked by the QA at Apple and Google, it will appear in the stores. For Pocketfied applications it usually takes one or two business days.


Creating an Android app for your online store has never been easier.If you already have a Shopify store, simply add Pocketfied in the Shopify app store and follow the instructions. We’ll deploy an app for you and you can test it out in Firebase before the official release. When everything is okay, let us know and we’ll proceed and submit your app in GooglePlay for review. Your store app will appear in the stores within 24 or 48 hours.

Pocketfied is developed using Swift, the native and modern Apple platform language. You don’t need to know Swift or hire a software developer and a design expert to create an iOS app. Just Install Pocketfied in the Shopify app store and follow the instructions. You can preview your app in TestFlight before releasing it to the AppStore. When you’re ready, contact our helpdesk via phone or email and confirm the release. After that we’ll send it to review and in one or two days your app will be released.

Depending on your requirements, such as white labeling, analytics, releasing your own app in Google Play and App Store will cost you from $20 to $499. With this solution, you can reach out and sell the goods you want in the most popular mobile stores at a reasonable price. You can automate the process and create many apps for multiple online stores with Pocketfied.

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