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Drag and Drop App Builder

If you’re a startup in an eСommerce market, the Pocketfied is the answer to app creation. Pocketfied’s building platform makes drag and drop app builders look like old news. No coding knowledge is required. Also, if you already have your business running, but struggle to expand and reach a dominant nowadays mobile user audience, it’ll help you turn it into a scalable business model.

Pocketfied is one of the first non drag and drop solutions that will save you tens of thousands of dollars on app development, app design and marketing, and what’s more important, valuable time to launch your business as soon as possible.

What is the difference between a Drag and Drop App Builder and a White Label App builder?

There are a few ways to build your mobile store app using various tools, components, and frameworks. Conventional development is expensive and time-consuming and it’s out of the scope of fast and efficient solutions for most business owners.

The current approach is drag and drop app creation. It’s a complete feature among code app builders because it lets you create a unique yet solid user experience without a team of professionals. The problem with drag and drop however, is how the user navigates the app may not be a good experience. Drag and Drop apps also do not help you get your app on the Play Store or App Store, an incredibly tedious process that takes weeks or even months, and costs a few hundred dollars.

Pocketfied next-generation approach is to simplify this process into a quick process. No hassle of design, no worry about optimizing UX or UI. Just a download, approve and go. We take your color scheme to give your app the unique touch that’s needed with proven user experience. We also guarantee your app will be published on both the Play Store and the App Store in under 24 hours.

Advantages of no-code App Builder platforms

When it comes to creating your own app, you have a choice to go with traditional app development practices, hiring a development team for a project, QA, managers, HR, and a bunch of other people to make it function; or use a boxed solution that already has everything in it for you to create an app you need. For the cost of a company pizza night Pocketfied builds your app for you and launches it.



How to Create an App?

Unlike with a low-code application builder, with Pocketfied maker you don’t have to code anything and even create a developer account in either of the mobile stores — we’ll do all that for you. Here are a few steps to follow to get your app released:

•‎ Go to the Shopify app store.

•‎ Open the Pocketfied application and install this widget.

•‎ Give your app a name, pick up a template and relax, no need to drag and drop

•‎ Email us to discuss the release in the AppStore and Google Play.

•‎ Our development team will submit your app to the stores once it’s built.

•‎ We will send you a notification when it’s released!

•‎ We recommend having us upload your app to TestFlight and Firebase prior to publishing it to the actual stores.

•‎ When QA at Apple and Google checks the application, it will appear in the stores. Usually, it takes from one to two business days.

Features of Pocketfied

Although it might sound controversial, the main Pocketfied feature is no features. It just works when you need it and does exactly what it’s supposed to do—generate apps for you. However, there are a few options you might find useful in your day to day workflow like push notifications, data into customer trends, and more.

Most people use mobile devices for online purchases these days. Therefore, your store should be designed with a mobile-first approach. Thanks to Pocketfied developers, all the mobile use cases were thoroughly implemented into an automatic app generation workflow.

Solid User Interface

Nothing hinders you from selling online more than an unoptimized UI that just doesn’t work as expected. Pocketfied generates online store apps with a user-friendly interface that looks and feels familiar.

Streamlined Online Shopping

Purchasing items on the web should be clear, easy and fast. With Pocketfied online store apps your users will have an experience similar to Amazon or any other marketplace that people use every day.

Dashboard without over-complication

A backend portal for you features a dashboard that can be used to manage your online store apps. You can have as many apps as you like for unlimited usage. Thanks to an easy to use dashboard, you won’t lose a grip on all apps that you launch.

Smart Designer

The Pocketfied app designer provides everything you need to create powerful mobile store apps. Without the hassle of a drag and drop app builder and design your own unique store. Feel free to choose from many color schemes for a quick start.

Store Optimization

With Pocketfied, you can optimize your store appearance and sales for mobile users. All the subpages for items you sell are updated on the fly according to your Shopify store item list updates.

Why Pocketfied to Build Your Mobile Store App?

Pocketfied will help you create and easily customize your very own app based on an existing Shopify store. You’ll be up and running in 10 minutes and the app you create without the hassle of drag and drop customizations will be available in the AppStore and Google Play the next day after you submit it. Your store will be available on both iOS and Android devices, providing users with the native app behavior.

•‎ Super-fast automatic app creation

•‎ Multiple apps in one account

•‎ No mess of Drag and drop app customization

•‎ Money-saving

•‎ iOS and Android stores

•‎ No need to hire developers and teach yourself how to code

•‎ No need to create a developer’s account

•‎ Apps are always submitted with no rejects



Creating an Android online store app is fast and easy. Create a new Shopify store account, navigate to the Shopify app store, add Pocketfied and follow the instructions. We’ll deploy an app for you. In addition, you can test it out in Firebase before its official release. When everything is fine, we’ll submit it in GooglePlay for review.

Install Pocketfied in the Shopify app store and follow the instructions. Pocketfied will do all the integration with Shopify automatically. You can preview your app in TestFlight before it goes to the AppStore. When you’re ready, contact us so we can release it. In one or two days, your app will be released.

The basic price to get your app to the App Store is $149. If you need advanced features like valuable business reporting, the price will be higher, but not more than $549. By the way, developing the business reporting feature on your own will be worth a yearly subscription to Pocketfied without all the headache of handling it yourself at a starting cost of just $99 a month.

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