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Pocketfied’s one-day mobile app developer service means radical change

New York (Dec. 7, 2021) — Welcome to the awesome new future of mobile app development. Pocketfied is live and offers seamless mobile app development in record time — just one day. The price starts at only $99/monthly, instead of thousands of dollars.

Pocketfied is not a standard mobile app builder. It creates your app quickly with a flawless design, and it offers full integration with Shopify’s online stores and it handles AppStore and Google Play registration and launching.

We’ve created a solution that fully satisfies both Apple’s and Google’s guidelines; Pocketfied lets you power up your business with native iOS and Android apps that require no code and can be ready in just a few hours,” said Pocketfied’s founder, Aleksandr Iurev. “Customers will love added features such as Apple Pay support.

Over the past 20 months, as online shopping permeates every area of business, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of both mobile app platforms and e-commerce. Any business with a website today needs a mobile app. About 70% of Internet usage takes place on smartphones.

There are also 350% more transactions taking place on mobile apps versus mobile web. Research by App Annie shows that 54% of e-commerce transactions happen on a mobile device; 82% of people consult their phone before making in-store purchases; while 90% of mobile traffic happens via mobile apps.

In mobile app development, there are several important aspects – 1) time to market for the app, 2) the app quality, and 3) any further maintenance. In the case of in-house or outsourced development, the application release time will be from 6 months to 18 months. No-Code and Low-Code solutions have greatly simplified the process, but the customization of the interface and the customer’s wishes were sacrificed for the app’s quality.

Pocketfied is involved in the entire development processes, from the stage of selecting the interface color scheme and the logo, to the name and the description of the app. Pocketfied is constantly engaged in improving app interface and user experience, and does integration with new service providers for online stores

We want to help small and medium-sized businesses build long-term relationships with customers through a convenient and familiar tool – beautiful cell phone apps,” said Mr Iurev. “Pocketfied decided to use Apple’s concept: we create high-quality apps exactly the way customers of online stores want to see them; we don’t allow store owners to spoil the user experience for their customers.

Next comes the issue of app publication. If you don’t use Pocketfied, then your company needs to create, pay for and pass moderation of Apple and Google developer accounts. This can take several weeks or months.

With Pocketfied, however, the publishing process is seamlessly managed and your app will be ready the very same day.

For more information, please contact us directly at the email below, or go to the official website:

Founder, Aleksandr Iurev: [email protected]

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