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An interview with Pocketfied founder, Aleksandr Iurev (Part 1)

Aleksandr IurevAleksandr Iurev is a serial entrepreneur, with many years experience in launching startups. His most recent is Pocketfied, which will radically disrupt the mobile app development industry with its highly innovative technology and service. Overall, Mr Iurev has 20 years of experience in the IT sector, as well as in DevOps, and Information Security. He cut his teeth in Tech working in IT security for the largest banks in Russia, as well as for top IT companies. That experience protecting clients from hacker attacks is one reason why he attaches top priority to building secure systems so that users can be certain they’re protected.


“Many don’t believe an app can be developed so quickly.“

Can you tell us about your early life?

I was born in Moscow in 1985. I’ve always been interested in IT. One of my first jobs was in a bank, where I worked in IT security. My work there was to protect against hackers. In that capacity, I was able to see many potential security risks that customers face. That’s why today, in all my Tech projects, I want to be certain that there’s a high level of security.

What do you think is most important for success?

A successful Tech solution must be about the end-users and how it will look when they use it. Interface and workflow are very important. I prefer simple and clear applications and services. A few years ago I learned about mobile app development. I realized that it has great potential because people do everything on a smartphone, and using an app is the best way to buy something online.

When did you first come to the USA, and Why?

I first came to the USA in 2017, in residence at Starta Accelerator in New York. This is when I started to take an interest in the app market because I saw the huge potential for my customers here, to boost their sales. In other national markets, there’s no such opportunity and little incentive to boost sales. But here, in the U.S., there’s a huge market for our potential clients.

Have you had prior business experience?

I had other companies, such as a crypto exchange, when I was at Starta. The project wasn’t as successful as I had hoped. The market wasn’t ready for what we were offering. Currently, I have two companies and two products. The other company is ICoinsoftware, which is a software development company that provides trading engine for cryptocurrency exchanges.. It provides software and solutions for companies that want to start their own crypto currency exchange. But that market is a highly competitive market.

Why did you get involved in the mobile app sector?

A few years ago, I realized that the mobile app market is better and bigger than other Tech markets I was working in. Beating the competition is not something we have to think about in mobile app development. Why? Because this market is huge. I mean, there’s plenty of potential customers for every company in the mobile app development sector. Again, I can’t emphasize enough how huge this market potential is. Everyone wants and needs an app if they are selling something today.

What are the main obstacles that Pocketfied faces?

Many potential customers don’t believe that an app can be developed so quickly. Why? Because they didn’t try us, and they see how our competitors take much longer. So how can Pocketfied possibly do app development in one day! I mean, this is what they think. They’re wrong of course, but we face this prejudice. Ironically, our technical achievements can be problematic. It seems too good to be true. Also, there’s the problem of our potential customers having tried our rivals and having had a bad experience; so, again, they’re suspicious.