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How does it work?

You will receive a ready working application within 2-3 working days from the moment of leaving the application


We paint individual interface elements in your brand colors and add a logo that will appear as an app icon.

* The app looks like it was created individually for you.


We upload ready applications to AppStore/Google Play, pass through verification by an expedited procedure (1-2 days) and notify you that everything is ready to work.

* you do NOT even need to register in AppStore or GooglePlay – we have an agreement with both systems to publish their clients’ applications.


* You connect the application module to your online store or give us API access to a cloud CMS for integration.

If you have a regular css.

The application can be connected to your online store as a software module. This is done in the admin panel of the CMS in a couple of clicks when you connect a module, you choose which directory (which section of the goods) will be sent to a mobile application.

If you have cloud css (or SAAS)

In this case the application is integrated with the online store by granting us access via API.


Everything is ready to go – customers can download the app of your online store with a full catalog of products on AppStore and GooglePlay.


When a customer makes a purchase through the app, you see the new order in your usual CMS – that is, you continue to work in the standard mode.

* The application has no effect on existing organizational processes and does not require a new employee to work with it.


When you update the data on the website, the application is updated instantly.

* The application is constantly updated along with updates to your online store.

Security and Privacy Data

The application interacts with your online store via the secure RestApi
protocol with SSl|TLS support or with our own cloud (in case of cloud CMS).
Users’ personal data is NOT stored in the app – the app only opens
up an additional communication channel between the user and your website.

Speed of operation

Speed is achieved through the monolithic nature of the applications themselves and the use of only the most current versions of native languages.

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