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Shopify Mobile App Builder

A straightforward solution for Shopify store owners who are looking to expand their business. Start a new sales channel and take your customers’ experience to another level. No coding required.

What is a Shopify App Builder

Power up your e-commerce store with native iOS and Android apps from Pocketfied. Cutting-edge technology powered by Swift and Kotlin combined with a pristine UI that will leave your customers wanting more mobile shopping experience. Live sync between the app and your Shopify inventory will help make sure that you never oversell.

How to Convert a Shopify Store into an App

Transforming a Shopify online store into a mobile app requires a ton of work if done from scratch. Creating UX- and UI- designs, paying a team of developers, testing the app, and passing the approval process to get it released on App Store and Google Play. It can take months before your customers can finally download a functioning app.
With Pocketfied it’s much simpler than that:

Features of Pocketfied App Builder

Pocketfied is super user-friendly. Even if you never thought about creating your own mobile app before, it won’t take any effort to start using our app builder. Here are some key features of it that will make your experience even more enjoyable:

Faster Time To Market with Instant Push Notifications

Let your customers feel valued with instant and unlimited push notifications about product drops. An installed mobile app will automatically inform your clients when there’s a fresh line of clothing or a new model of watches in the store.

Codeless Development

You won’t need to get into coding or tinker with any developer tools. The process is completely code-free – just give your app a name, choose a color scheme for it, and voila, your app’s ready to be downloaded and installed. If you’re still keen on trying to build a Shopify app from scratch, check out this video from a developer who explains the process:



Watch your app grow and analyze sales dynamics through built-in Shopify tools. See how clients engage with the mobile app and what kind of products are the most popular. Make changes to your inventory according to the data and drive your mobile commerce rates up.


We take care of integrating the app with third-party services like Facebook and Instagram allowing you to boost the experience for your customers. Contact us at [email protected] to find out more about integrating web services on your Shopify app.


The app can come in one of two beautiful layouts that were created with a wide variety of Shopify store types in mind. Select one of them plus your favorite color scheme and follow your app’s progress on the way to release.


No question is too small for our support team that is ready to come to the rescue, 24/7. Whether there’s an urgent matter or just a minor inquiry, we got your back.

Why Pocketfied’s Shopify App Builder

These days, no-code app building has become one of the largest trends in business. But, we firmly believe that Pocketfied has a few significant advantages that place us well above the competition:

We are one of the fastest app builders on the market – it only takes 3 hours for you to get an app for both iOS and Android

Pocketfied uses Kotlin & Swift, two modern-day standards in app development to ensure that your Shopify store app is stable, secure, and loads as quick as a flash.

We don’t take a cut from your sales, instead, the development and maintenance of the app are covered by a fixed monthly fee. Compared to the costs of hiring a dedicated development team to build such an app for iOS and Android, our technology will save you thousands of dollars and months of time.

After the app is launched, we will take complete care of it. Update your inventory and market the app to your customers while we make sure it runs flawlessly on their smartphones.

How to create a Shopify App?

Creating a mobile app for your Shopify store using Pocketfied is as simple as it gets:

•‎ Go to your Shopify store;

•‎ Click on Apps on the main menu;

•‎ Type Pocketfied Mobile into the search bar and press Enter;

•‎ Click Add app next to the Pocketfied icon;

•‎ You should land on the customization screen. Select one of two display modes for the app: List (text-focused) or Card (image-focused);

•‎ Choose the dominant color that fits your brand design;

•‎ Wait for the app to be compiled for Android and iOS. It will be done in less than 3 hours.



Creating mobile apps with Pocketfied is free if you just want to test it out. If you need your app published and supported for an extended period of time, there’s a monthly maintenance fee – to learn more, check out our pricing page.

A traditional approach to mobile app development where you hire a full team of specialists including a project manager, analytics, designers, developers, and QA engineers would cost a few thousand of dollars by the most modest estimates. Moreover, after the app is released, if you discover an issue, for example, that it gets slow with large inventories, you would need to reach out to the same company and hire them again to fix the problem.

With Pocketfied, the development process is streamlined – we already know how to create the best Shopify store app since that’s just what we do. The app takes hours, not months, to get built, and we provide full maintenance and after the release. The cost is a fixed monthly fee that won’t change, making it easier for you to estimate your future revenues and spendings.

There’s no need to manually update inventory for your Shopify app – Pocketfied provides real-time listing sync for all store owners. Whether there’s a product line that ran out of stock or a new collection of listings that you just uploaded to your store, our apps will fetch the data from Shopify automatically, in real-time.

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